Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions


Time scale

  I work Monday to Friday, generally 8 to 5.


Generally I leave it to the customer to get the paint they want for the job, if you wish me to get it then I would require the money up front + 10%. I am happy to add a standard ceiling white into the estimate. I can advise on types of paint for certain areas in the house.


If you want the carpets to be left in situ, I will protect the flooring with plastic and dust sheets and I leave the room clean and tidy before I leave. The cost of the plastic will be covered in the estimate.


If the job takes more than one week, I would like to be paid for the labour and material costs at the end of each week. Any additional materials required to complete the job, outside of the original estimate, must be paid up front by the customer.If the customer wants any additional work completed after the original estimate has been agreed then labour will be charged at £130/day on top of the original estimate. This includes any  reasonable amount of snagging.


A verbal contract is still a contract and will require me to finish the work at the agreed price.


By law I am within my rights to fix any snags to complete a job to customer’s satisfaction.


If you have any questions about the estimate, please do not hesitate to ask. If you want to accept the estimate, please drop me a line confirming you are in agreement with my proposal and we can discuss a start date. Astral.decorators@hotmail.co.uk or 07880736616

In the estimate, I itemise all the work to be complete as agreed between us, with an overall total for the labour and materials.


Furniture removal
Please note that I price all jobs on the basis of working with uninterrupted access to rooms / work areas that are clear of furniture and sundries. If I have to do it, then the job may slide into an extra day which I will need to charge for. I do not move heavy furniture due to a back injury. Depending on previous discussions and the customer’s individual concerns, I may include further explanations eg the different finish of lining paper vs re-plastering, or clarify the likely disruption when I am hand-painting a kitchen… Just to ensure there are no misconceptions.



Walls after paper removal

Customers should be aware that when removing wallpaper, the wall will generally be in  a bad condition. If the customer wants this painted, I would recommend skimming by a qualified plasterer, because no amount of filling and rubbing down will get it perfect. It would be time consuming and costly to the customer (see additional days work under payment).


New carpets to be laid

In this situation, please wait for all decoration work to be completed before arranging for all new carpets to be laid. New paint on the woodwork takes about a week to harden off and having a new carpet laid to soon will damage the new paint work. If the decoration work has been delayed for whatever reason, then carpet laying should be put back otherwise the customer will have additional costs in carpet protection and possibly labour to rectify damage.